Artists who will perform over the 4 day festival are Home Rule and Guests, Josh Maynard, Frank Povah, Black Train, Slimy Brothers, Jenny Rae, Stillhouse Union, Jess Holland, Skarratt & Watts, Virago, Natalie Thoroughgood, Stringline, The Duffys, David Johnson,  Des Kelly, Ross & Judy Kurtz, Don Coombes, Free Fried Chicken, Tom Hamilton,  Harry Gibbons, Just Two, Plastic Paddy (Russell Churcher), The Honey Sippers, Lorraine McCrimmon, Two Mile Twangers, Samantha Kurtz, Sam Bourke, Tony Smith, Craig Batty, The Villebillies, Eilis Doyle,  Hugh Merrell, Jimmy Westwood , Bob Tandy,  Kay Binns, Billy Casey, Blues Angels, Gold Rush Bush Band, Kevin Pye, Laura & Susie, Merrie and Ray, Sunny and the Dark Corners, Tom Bromley,  Tony Stuart and many others.

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